Shy Guy Body Language of Attraction

Gaze: The gaze used in shy guy body language is the opposite of usual body language. A shy guy who is attracted to a girl will look at her often but will also look away anytime he’s spotted. To read shy guy body language by gazes, pay less attention to the actual gaze length (the length of time he / she looks at you in one go) and more attention to the number of times you spot him / her looking at you.

Dilated Eyes: This is one body language tell that will stay the same for a shy guy as for other people.  A shy guy or shy girl’s eyes will still dilate when they look at someone they like. This is one of the most important body language gesture in dating in both real life and on webcam dating websites. Note that an individual wearing contact lenses may appear to have dilated eyes even when they do not. 

Dilated eyes are one of the most important clues in both shy women dating and shy men dating, because we cannot voluntarily stop our eyes from dilating when we are attracted to someone.

Smile: A shy guy will smile at someone they like but with a tight smile (their lips are held tightly together). This is caused by the fact that the shy person is happy to see the person they like, but afraid to open their mouth and speak. This can make them look as though they’re being intentionally secretive, where in actual fact they’re shyness is forcing them to keep their feelings secret.  This is one of the most important thing to know about the smiles of a shy person. There are many more important facts about smiles though. 

Shy singles may smile less than other people because they are worried about seeming too eager and opening up about their feelings.

Turned Head Rather than Body: Confident people turn their whole body to face someone they’re attracted to when looking from a distance, but the shy guy / girl will only turn their head while their body remains pointing elsewhere. They do this because they want to feel like they could escape if they wanted to. They don’t feel comfortable with the fully engaged / committed attitude involved in facing the whole body towards the person they like.

Forming Barriers: One thing I used to do all the time when I had shy guy body language was to form a barrier on the opposite side of the person I fancied. This is a little hard to explain, but imagine the shy guy / girl is standing at a bar and you are on their left hand side. They’ll create a barrier to their right often by putting their hand up to their face. This stops people on their right from being able to see them while they can still look at you. If you then go to their other side, they’ll change the arm they’re forming a barrier with.

Shy guys dating will use barriers all the time to hide themselves. When you see him making a barrier you know he’s having a strong feeling.

Looking at you Through Objects: In order to allow themselves to look at you inconspicuously, the shy girl / guy will often put an object in between their line of sight and you, for instance, by holding a glass in front of them. This allows them to look at you while pretending they’re just looking at the glass.