7 Things You Could Do To Love Your Parents More

1. Spend more time with them. Tell them that you love them and appreciate the hard work they are doing.

2. Help with chores. For example, help look after the house, take the garbage out, or mope the floor. Help groceries shopping or cooking. 

3. Ask how their day went. If they’ve been working, ask if they’re tired and if they’d need a message of some sort. Prepare their dinner.  

4. Help out with the finance. If you’re still really young, don’t spend too much or want too much. Your parents work really hard to make ends meet, so show that you appreciate their efforts by not making them waste their hard earned money. If you’re older, work for yourself and help chip in to the family expenses. 

5. Find out what they truly appreciate and take time to spend it with them. For example, if you know your parents enjoy watching a certain TV drama or have a certain hobby, tag along. 

6. Take them traveling or go traveling with them. If you have time off work or school, take the free time forming good memories with them. Take lots of photos! 

7. Remember their anniversaries. Remember special dates for them and get them gift, gift card, or an appreciation note. Celebrate their birthdays, New Years or special days with them!