10 Ways To Show Someone That You Care

1. Help them out with something. The easiest way to show somebody that you care about them is to help them out with something. If they bring up a problem that they are facing, you could try being there to listen or talk to them. If they say they have homework, job, or test that they have to do or prepare for, you could ask them if they’d need any hand. Hopefully, they’ll say yes. If they say no, try helping them another way. For example, offering to drive them to work or school or get them groceries. 

2. Ask about their day. Drop by to say ‘hello,’ leave a message in their email, Facebook, or phone. Ask how they are doing and what their plans are for the day etc? If they say ‘no plans’ ask if they’d like to go eat or do something later in the evening. If they say they have a plan, ask what the plan is and if you could tag along. 

3. Remember Important Days. For example, remember your anniversaries, the birth dates or their graduation date. If they say they have an exam coming up on this day, try to offer assistance or be really quiet when they are studying. By paying attention to days that are important to them will show that you care. 

4. Introduce them to people in your life and show how proud you are to have them. Set up a date or time, you’d like to introduce your friend or significant other to people of your life.

5. Get them a Gift. Get them something. This act is pretty simple, but it’s message is clear. The more important the gift the more meaningful. 

6. Surprise them. Get tickets to a movie, a carnival or play show. Call them while they are at work one day unexpectedly. And just tell them how much they mean to you and want to spend time together. They’ll be blown away by your initiative. Hopefully.

7. Have deep conversations with them. Ask them about their plans, dreams, challenges, hopes and failures. Get to know them. Sometimes, people will really appreciate you taking the time and effort to really get to know them. 

8. Know Their Hobby.  For example, if you know that they like watching a particular TV series or show, watch it too. Bring it up with them in a conversation. It will really show that you pay attention to what they like and this can help foster a bond and cause them to reciprocate. 

9. Make Them Laugh. For example, if you know their bank account, deposit some money in it. Or wear a silly costumes to their house or something. 

10. Give Them Physical Affection. We crave touch. Out of nowhere, hug them, hold their hands, smile at them.