Careers in Psychology


According to The College Majors Handbook, the top 10 jobs for people who have graduated with a bachelor’s psychology degree are:

1.    Top- and mid-level management and administration

2.    Sales

3.    Social service/ social work related jobs

4.    Other types of management position

5.    Labor-relations, personnel and staff training

6.    General administration jobs

7.    Real estate, business services and insurance

8.    Marketing.


For this with a masters or doctoral degree, career opportunities include:

1.    Clinical psychologist

2.    Counsellor

3.    Social worker (including mental health social worker)

4.    School counsellor

5.    Educational psychologist

6.    Parole officer

7.    Industrial/ organisational psychologist

8.    Forensic psychologist

If you’re interested in taking a quiz to help figure out your preferred psychology-related career then check out this link: