How to Muster Motivation


1. Visualize yourself succeeding. Imagine what you will be doing, how you will look, how others will be reacting or relating to you, how you will feel …

2. Break your main goal down into lots of smaller, more manageable pieces. Then, just do “the next thing”. Don’t get bogged down by everything you still have to do!

3. Remind yourself that every tiny bit of effort, and work, counts. It all adds up and makes a difference in the end.

4. Make a start – even if you’re just committing yourself to doing 10 minutes of something you don’t want to do. Often the hardest part is overcoming the initial feeling of dread or inertia.

5. Put on some of your favourite upbeat music. That can help to get your moving, and also change your mood.

6. Get a friend – who also wants to improve their motivation – to join in the commitment to see this project through. It’s easier when others are hanging in there with you – and you also keep each other more accountable.    

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