What are some good solutions to overcome distorted ways of thinking?

Feel free to share your personal experiences, advice or expertise below. 

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  3. ddollme answered: just think of random stuffs like : pineapple… water lol
  4. veronicalovesart answered: Personally, I pray and take deep breaths to control the anxiety I give myself.
  5. happy-mumbles answered: make your brain shut up
  6. lifeisafunnybone answered: Numb yourself. Self dissociation.
  7. antch0nies said: Go outside and let the sun rays soak in if it’s sunny, or lock yourself in your room, sit in the dark and listen to your favorite album.
  8. pheebzerk answered: Antialiasing
  9. iamfeeble answered: Relaxation and hanging out with closest friends. :)
  10. bonjouralavie answered: Make a list of negative thoughts you face,cross them out,& replace them by writing a set of positive thoughts.read Dr.Amen’s”ChangeYourBrain,
  11. unorthodoxarchetype answered: I have a pretty screwed up mind. Helps to drive around the city because it requires active thought. It kind of acts as a reset for me…
  12. los3r-lol answered: Can too much imagination be a bad thing
  13. a-mushroom-trip answered: Stay aware of the energy you bring into this world. If you stay strong in the face of adversity, others will know they can do the same.
  14. adoringadesuwa answered: Usually I tend to think of what could be worse than the current situation causing me to that then i suddenly feel better.
  15. ccontraflux answered: Talk about what you’re thinking. Getting feedback from your friends can help you get a reality check. Self-confidence is important too.
  16. caretoevaporate answered: retreating within yourself and spending time in the natural world.
  17. pleonasticwoods answered: objectivity
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  19. tebonia answered: I think about the good things in life, you know like rainbows and stuff xD Cause I like rainbows xD
  20. superjs answered: participate!
  21. vanillaburp answered: Ask yourself the question “why?” and give a logical answer.
  22. starsonlycomeoutatnight answered: Writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper and canceling out the thoughts that aren’t correct :) I always scribble when im overthinking
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  24. splenduh answered: CBT - cognitive behavioral therapy, for sures.
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  26. peyotists answered: practice practice practice (discover yourself, do not believe that you are defined by the distorted thoughts, that would be rather shallow)
  27. minecraft-rich-person answered: talk less, think more. embrace it.
  28. tanya-rita answered: talk it out to someone maybe. that why when they say what they think. you realize you overthought things
  29. leeeenuhhh answered: Spend less time alone, pick up a hobby that involves meeting and talking to people, keep in mind that you are human just like everyone else.
  30. peaceindisorder answered: Meditation, deep beathing, etc.
  31. mouse334 answered: I laugh :3 then play some nice classicle at a eardrum pounding level… Just my two cents
  32. alltheweelilthings answered: figure out what the real truth is and stick with it. -experienced it
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  35. rhapsodyandtragedy answered: Focus, Don’t let other things bother you. Just do what you have to do and put your heat into your work. You’ll do just fine.