We can learn to control our dreams through what is called ‘lucid dreaming’

When we dream we are normally not aware that we are dreaming. However, we can learn to become aware. Becoming aware of our dream enables us to take charge of what we dream about and what we do in the dream. 

3 Tips To lucid Dreaming: 

1. Keep a dream journal. In your dream journal, record what you dream about such as people you’ve seen, places you went, or events that took place. Mainly, you want to take note of common themes or elements in your dream. By paying attention to what you commonly dream about can help you recognize that you are in a dream the next time you are dreaming about the same thing. 

2. Pay attention to when you are most likely to have lucid dreaming. Of course, we can not have lucid dream throughout our entire sleep. We are more likely to lucid dream when we are taking a short nap or during our REM sleep (when most vivid dreaming occurs). By taking note of when you’re most likely to lucid dream, you can set up your schedule or routine to get those lucid dreaming periods. 

3. Set up your alarm clock to wait yourself up during your dream. We are most likely to remember our dreams when we wake up in them. Once you woke up, remind yourself what you were dreaming about and that you were in a dream, then slowly go back to sleep. By doing this, chances of you dreaming back the same thing increases and therefore, the reminder can help you recognize that you’re in a dream. 

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