Is it possible that the same person keeps appearing in dreams? Has anyone else experienced this? What could it mean?

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  6. aragons30 answered: Yes that is possible , i cqn mean that she is yur soul mate , or something importend is going to happen with oraround that person
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    Probably to resemble importance to one that they’re always on their mind, thinking about them. Someone which you want to...
  8. zeppelinlaughed answered: you are deeply attached to this person
  9. marcelogalleguillos answered: if its someone you know then maybe it’s deeply felt intimacy that you have for them, but not knowing you actually have it.
  10. lava-m answered: You’re in love with that person!
  11. completebalderdash answered: That you gonna meet him soon? :D
  12. theunfashionablefreak answered: He is the last person you think before you go to a Deep Sleep.
  13. prinsesaniya answered: I dunno what it mean but I have experienced it.
  14. bexmae13 answered: I have dreams quite often that have an ‘ex friend’ in them.. and she is always doing something bad/negative.
  15. iliekcloudz answered: yeaahh, i think its because i think about them a lot
  16. every1deserveslovelee answered: i have. i though it meant that they were importent to me or they were on my mind a lot
  17. vintageumbrellasandpinklillies answered: Yes, and yes, I think the main thing is that you could be missing them.
  18. nhesakilledit answered: yes. it happened to me. but i can’t explain it why he always appears on my dreams. i guess i think of that person unconsciously. idk. :(
  19. lilyjmzr answered: You have to ask yourself what dones that person means to you, what does the person represents and how he/she makes you feel
  20. prettyvainforaplainjane answered: It happens to me all the time. But I’m a weird dreamer.
  21. undyingshadow answered: My dreams so much as completely repeat themselves and every time I have them they go a little bit further down the rabbit hole.
  22. too-bad-im-rad answered: My dreams always have reoccuring people. No idea what it means, but I always figured it was normal.
  23. chandlermuriellbing answered: My best friend has been in my dreams nonstop for the past five months, but I think it’s because he’s such a big part of my life in every way.
  24. aiyananaa answered: Yes, especially in recurring dreams. Any unsolved problems with that person?
  25. butactuallyy answered: yes and yes!! maybe there are strong feelings for this person (love or hatred) OR it could reference their importance in the future
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    That you only have one friend and need to go meet some people
  27. leenablair answered: I’ve experienced this with a number of people. I think that it means that the person or something related is in your subconscious a lot.
  28. smitten-with-just-being answered: i have experienced this alot lately, the meaning could all depend on who it is..a stranger, a family member, friend, or enemy?
  29. jnjenn answered: Yes it’s possible. It could be if you’re thoughts are occupied with them or they affect a certain part of your life.
  30. completelyyyincomplete answered: I think it’s that you’ve invested a lot in said person, physically, mentally, emotionally and part of you is a little bit of them.
  31. ebonrune answered: I’ve dreamt of old friends, though sometimes they’re meant to represent current friends. I also dream about my Mother sometimes..whom I hate.
  32. hisbootyisburning answered: i’ve had a few dreams where i keep bumping into the same person.
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  34. dionyesia answered: This used to happen to me every single night, until i reread a journal i had written a few months beforeabout my experiences with the person.
  35. lexiapetrova answered: Yes,I did. And it depends on the dream and on th person in the dream, it might be someone that your mind compares with fact or a phenomenon.
  36. anasteezia answered: I dream about one of my childhood friends often, but we broke apart a year ago and we werent close. And I never admired her.