Did you know? (Some findings from psychology)


1.    Being either too excited or too relaxed can stop you performing at your best in a test situation.

2.    Getting paid for your hobbies may actually reduce how much you enjoy those activities – as well as reducing your creativity.

3.    After exercising some self-control we’re actually more likely to impulse buy, binge, or lash out at a person who annoys us.

4.    There is some controversial research which seems to show that people who are slightly overweight live longer.

5.    Choosing to smile can improve our mood, and frowning can make us feel more negative.

6.    We have “mirror neurons” in our brain that helps us to identify others’ feelings, to empathise with them, and copy their emotions.

7.    Emotional intelligence is a better predictor of career success than having high IQ scores.

For more information see: Huffman, K. (2010). Psychology in Action.(9th ed.) New York: John Wiley & Sons.