Question of the day: it is true that children with separated parents have a harder time to open up to others and therefore to trust them?

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  2. lessonfromthestars answered: No
  3. thingschange-memorieslast answered: personally, I think it’s how the child is raised and how she take things.
  4. jessishere1 answered: yes
  5. vain-reflections answered: not really
  6. nomadfox answered: I don’t know of other children but in my case that’s really accurate
  7. catatonik-slave answered: lol hell no..
  8. daddys-sugar answered: Not true at all.
  9. electra-loves answered: no it could mean that they open up more, it really depends on how they coped with the stress or loss, or just the event of the separating.
  10. person-with-a-name answered: I think a bad relationship with one’s parents can actually make you feel closer to your friends.
  11. withlovebeautyandfashion answered: Depends on the case, but I would agree to this. I do have a hard time opening up to people, especially those that are truly good :/
  12. justakemeaway answered: yes?
  13. keep-in-my-heart answered: Yes. Even I can’t have a best friend.
  14. i-blogmythoughts answered: Yes!
  15. fascinate-my-heart answered: I would say it’s possible, but not entirely 100 percent true. It also depends on the age of the child as well as their level of understanding
  16. daftpen answered: My parents have been separated for two thirds of my life and I’m not very outgoing, but I can ‘t say that their separation is the cause
  17. gymnast1994 answered: i think it can be true in some cases. ive found that i had to really trust someone before i felt comfortable opening up. but it is harder
  18. hehahorfnort answered: …No.
  19. ddollme answered: i dont think it relates at all o.o reading this i m just goin lol
  20. ilovephotosslikeabeast answered: Not all the time.
  21. black-n-gold answered: I’m from a pretty broken family and I find it extremely hard to open up to people & trust is a huge issue for me.
  22. flawllush answered: No, it’s all about his personality and how his parents help him to deal with the hole separation subject
  23. fourdimensionaldream answered: i do
  24. breakingmyb0nes answered: my parents divorced when i was a little kid and i have a super hard time opening up to people.but is it because of my parents?i have no clue.
  25. revolution-love-love-love answered: Yeah, because we tend to base our future relationships with the one’s we grow up with/in. So children of dysfunctional families have it hard.
  26. pagesofsage answered: Not always… Their feelings mosy often depend on the mature of the divorce. And the behavior of the parents after the divorce.
  27. topsy12 answered: I can trust people initially but I find it hard trusting someone once they’ve broken that trust. But i do find it very hard to open up
  28. lovealwayskota answered: It depends, it also makes me want to talk since I’ve never been able to talk to them. I do have trust issues though.
  29. devilhaseyes answered: Yes
  30. edito-real answered: not so. it depends on how the child understands the situation and on how the child accepts the situation… base on experience
  31. kay-taaay answered: I’m a young adult with recently seperated parents and I do find that I don’t want to share things often but I do trust.
  32. chiibear answered: according to my experience… Yes
  33. hotfortomlinson answered: yes
  34. quis-ego-reputo answered: I believe this to be true. I am a divorced father of two girls, and I have seen this in one of them.
  35. tricksterlings answered: I think it varies from person to person. Personally I do have trust issues so for me, yes.
  36. mesacorner answered: I haven’t found that to be true at all. In fact I tend to communicate a little too much because I’ve needed to repeat myself to each parent.
  37. emmerdoodle answered: yes.
  38. xmishax answered: Depends how hard was
  39. youvegotsomuchloveinyew answered: I have separated parents and I don’t find it hard to open up to others but I have a terrible time trusting people.
  40. twistintime answered: Yes. We just discussed this topic a while ago.