Planning for Success: Balancing your Studies with having a Life


If you can answer “yes” to most of these questions then you’ve managed the art of time management:

1.       Are able to balance work, college commitments and your social life?

2.       Do you have clear and specific goals?

3.       Do you timelines and deadlines for achieving these goals?

4.       Do you usually hand any work in on time, or do you stay up all night before the work is due?

5.       Are you good at estimating how long a task will take?

6.       Do you know your most productive time of day, and schedule your commitments to maximise performance?

7.       Are you good at focusing on what is most important, and prioritising what needs to be done?

8.        Are you able to avoid unwanted interruptions in the time you’ve set aside for studies (facebook, tumblr, calls, texts, friends etc)?

9.       Are you able to say “no” to people and things who waste your time, or stop you being productive?  

10.   Do you schedule in some downtime, and make time for your friends?