Some Random Findings from Psychology


1.    Men use around 12,500 words a day whereas women use around 22,000 words a day.

2.    Having a pet enhances your relationship skills.

3.    Laughing reduces stress and helps to strengthen your immune system.

4.    Laughter and smiling are contagious

5.    Six foods that have been shown to improve your mood include oatmeal, cereal, salmon, milk, dark chocolate and bananas.

6.    People who drink a moderate amount are happier than those who abstain from alcohol.

7.    Using technology can increase stress and aggression levels.

8.    Many animals mourn a loss in the same way as human beings do.

9.    Our nose can identify over 50,000 different scents.

10. The human brain is move active in the night than in the daytime.