Platonic Love or Romantic Love: Ways to Tell


Falling in love is probably one of the most mystical phenomena one could ever experience. When you fall in love, you succumb to a gamut of human emotions—joy, sorrow, excitement, and sometimes, even depression. Falling in love becomes a bit more perplexing if you find yourself falling in love with a close friend. Now, this is where denial and rationalization enter the picture. Initially, you become confused as to what you are feeling. Then you ponder whether what you’re feeling is only an extension of the platonic love you feel for a friend.

The key here is self-introspection. There is a need to confront yourself, look in the mirror and ask yourself the following questions. Honest answers, however, are necessary for you to gauge if the platonic feeling you have for a friend is blossoming into something romantic.

1. Have you changed?

Did you suddenly become self-conscious on how you look, what you wear and what you say in front of your friend? Have your feelings changed? Does your friend’s presence suddenly becomes enough to make you feel ecstatic? Do you find yourself putting your friend under a microscopic eye, pondering and extracting meanings on what he or she says or does?

2. Do you think of your friend 24/7?

One always keep a friend in mind; however, thoughts about a friend does not perpetually cross one’s mind every second of the day and every day of the week. If you find yourself thinking of your friend practically all your waking hours and before dozing off to dreamland, then it might be a sign that you are falling in love with your friend.

3. Do you long to communicate with your friend every day? Do you feel upset if your friend does not call or send messages daily?

There is a bond between friends that transcends distance. Friends may not call each other every day, but still remain friends. Think about it! Some of your friends do not call you every day, and still, you consider them friends. So what is the reason behind this longing to hear from a specific friend every day of your life? This is something you might need to think about.

4. Do you find yourself wanting to be alone with your friend?

If your friend invites you to hang-out, does it upset you to know that your other friends are tagging along?

5. Do you put your friend’s interest above your own? Does making your friend happy makes you happier?

Do you give up your favorite chocolate bar for your friend? Do you lend the person your last centavo when he or she is in dire need? Do you buy the person insurance when you don’t even have your own? To sum it up, if it makes you happier to see your friend happy, then it might be a signal that you’re falling in love with the person.

Falling in love is an emotion and therefore, not rational. You just feel it. In case you have discerned that your love for a friend is blossoming into intimacy, the next question is, what are you going to do about it? Whatever you decide on, you will never run out of options. You can try to forget about it, bury it deep within or kill it. The flipside is you might want to let the other person know how you feel. Either way, it’s your call.